CIRCONTROL and HYMES Networks intensify cooperation and present new products

Barcelona/Daun-Nerdlen, 01. March 2020

The Spanish charging station manufacturer Circontrol and the full-service provider HYMES Networks have agreed on a closer cooperation to support the German-speaking market within a framework agreement.

The background to this step is Circontrol’s endeavor to cover the German-speaking region defined as the core market as well as possible and to pave the way for the marketing of the charging stations that comply with the legal requirements, which are likely to be available from the middle of the year. Here, HYMES will offer the entire delivery program and provide technical support, service and maintenance offers around the products.

In this context, the two companies presented a new DC quick-charging station. The Raption150 called high-power charger (HPC) has a charging power of up to 150kW. This HPC can be supplied in various connector versions (CHAdeMo / CCS Combo 2) and also be operated in a master-slave network with other DC and / or AC chargers including dynamic load management. Thanks to this highly flexible scalability and the extensive features, this charging solution is ideally suited for many purposes. The Raption150 in a variant with charging currents of up to 900Volt was specially developed for e-bus fleets and has been available since the beginning of February. HYMES Networks offers these new DC fast-charging stations as well as the entire Circontrol product portfolio as German sales representative and full-service provider including installation, maintenance and service by trained personnel.

HYMES also operates a complete backend solution under its own brand name German Charge. The multi-client system enables operation, billing and monitoring of the connected charging stations. Various HYMES service packages are available for this, which can be booked by the charging station operator.

For the marketing of the products, HYMES relies on the electrical wholesale and a nationwide network of installation companies. In order to achieve significant short-term growth in this rapidly changing market, HYMES is looking for another strategic partner.

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