HYMES – More than just products

The HYMES range of services – from analysis to sales

HYMES offers you comprehensive and competitive solution concepts for all the tasks and challenges of distributing your products on the German market. The innovative range of services can be subdivided into two overarching, broad fields of activity: product and project management as well as distribution.

Comprehensive market analyses and the targeted determination of customer needs are just as much a part of our range of services as structured logistics, after-sales concepts and a customised sales strategy. Thanks to our excellent networking with opinion leaders, associations and the trade press, your products can be made known and distributed in a way that is specifically tailored to attract your target group.

So that we can offer you customised solution concepts, HYMES has a modular range of services that can be adapted precisely to suit your business concept and your budget plans, completely in line with your wishes and needs.

Sales support

HYMES offers first-class and direct access to the German-speaking retail sector and helps your company market your products in your preferred distribution range. We would be glad to advise you which trade channels are best for your product range and in which economic context the individual relevant parameters are to be assessed.

Product and project management

Your company wants to develop products and is looking for help with finding the right contacts for the respective resources and linking them together. On request, HYMES can take on all the project management, including implementation, monitoring, reporting, budgeting, sourcing, the supply chain and so on.

Distribution for brands in the respective brand categories

HYMES will gladly handle the marketing of your products for your company, regardless of the brand categories. In the process, the budgets, business plans and measures to be derived from them will, of course, all be taken into account.

Development concepts for your brand

You want to move your business into the next higher brand category. HYMES can advise you which measures make sense for you, which budgets are required, and how your sales infrastructure will change in all areas.

Market analyses

A comprehensive market analysis prior to all marketing measures is indispensable. HYMES will tell you where you stand in comparison to the market, the potentials for your planned projects, and what can be derived from them for all subdivisions.

Development of distribution systems

The value of your products is not limited to the physical end product. The overall package ultimately improves the perception of your brand and products. This also includes the form in which your articles are promoted and presented at the POS. Numerous parameters can be controlled by the development of your sales performance and appearance vis-à-vis your trading partner. This, too, has to be rationally structured and given the right framework conditions.

Our own highly motivated sales team

Our sales representatives are your calling cards for doing successful business. A high level of identification with the respective brand forms the basis of any successful cooperation with the specialised retail trade. Only genuine enthusiasm for the brand and product can engender trust and ensure that our trading partners likewise advocate them. HYMES ensures that it is precisely these sales people that represent your brand. Of course, we also likewise also require out staff to be competent in dealing with technical products.

Complete cost control

HYMES ensures that you keep your costs under control and offers you the necessary billing options to do so. You are looking for a suitable service package and know in advance the requisite budgetary requirements. This protects you against any unwelcome and unquantifiable risks.

Absolute transparency

You wish to know at all times what is happening in the field, what is happening with your products and what the retail trade feedback on your product is. And rightly so. You specify the scheduling of the automated reporting. HYMES provides you with full reports when and how you want them. Our reports are informative and involve you, our client, 100%. Making customised adjustments is no problem.

Establishment of the KPI of all stakeholders

You know your products best of all. HYMES suggests on which trade channels we think you can best place your product. Together, we work out the key figures for sales, placement at the POS as regards stocking and POS design, and how often sales staff should visit and contact customers. We would be happy to integrate your requirements into an overarching concept.

Efficient logistics

Faultless, cost-saving and fast logistics are the basics of any commercial business. HYMES has mastered the art of logistics. The development of logistics in e-commerce has also set the pace in offline business. Products must be delivered quickly ¬– preferably the day before yesterday – and the return processing is done reliably, silently, automatically and completely conveniently in the background. This is our benchmark.

Service at all levels

HYMES takes care of everything. This also means refurbishment of returned goods, repair, error analysis, the swap service, a hotline for commercial customers at various technical levels, and a hotline for end customers. You tell us what you need and we will carry it out for you.

Reinforcing your presence in the retail trade thanks to HYMES

You wish to boost the way you are perceived in the retail trade. Regular, high-quality and personal contact in the retail trade is all part and parcel of this. As is generally known today, business transactions continue to be strongly influenced by personal relationship management and the buyers responsible. Take advantage of our sales team with their excellent contacts to give your company a better standing at the POS. This will make your business more stable and your firm and products will become less interchangeable. HYMES thus offers you a kind of insurance and greater stability for your business.

HYMES optimises your line-up

HYMES is in constant communication with all trading partners. Direct feedback on product design, features that benefit the customer, pricing and competitive strengths and weaknesses can all be directly incorporated into your own product management, thus ensuring that products are re-created or that existing products are subjected to a continuous process of optimisation.

Growth – HYMES will drive you forward

You want or need to grow with your company in order to let synergies develop or to keep pace with the pressure exerted by the competition. We will show you how much potential the market, your product or your company actually has, what measures are required, and during which period things can be implemented.

HYMES – your project manager

You have a product idea and may be lacking in human resources and possible implementation. We have extensive experience in product and project management and are happy to take on full responsibility for turning your ideas into reality. Naturally, we can also advise you on separate partial performances.

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