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Comprehensive concepts to support your sales activities

If you would like to increase your sales on the German retail market, you will need a well thought-out concept and highly effective contacts to the specialist retail trade. HYMES can support you with the marketing of your products in the desired distribution range. The company puts together overall concepts from individual building blocks, which can be used as and when needed. Thanks to numerous relationships with German retailers, demand-driven and competitive solutions for every product can be designed directly – always taking into consideration your budgets and business plans.

HYMES' sales-support at a glance

Professional sales

A highly qualified and authentic team of German sales agents with many years of retail experience and a wealth of contacts

Sales concepts

Modularly designed concepts to boost your sales in Germany

Best scope of service

Development of comprehensive overall concepts to optimise your sales

For you on spot

Our own field service team to support the trading partners on site

Customer segmentation

Analysis of the appropriate distribution channels


Constant optimisation and full transparency of all measures

First-class sales concepts for your success in Germany

HYMES knows what German customers require. This is why the company also draws up concepts to achieve sales success in the next higher brand category for you. Which budgets to achieve your goals are sensible and should be used to realise your sales goals? What should your sales infrastructure in Germany look like if you wish to achieve your desired goals? Individually designed sales concepts and forecasting models show you possible scenarios and growth opportunities for your company.


Full cost control

Each budgeting process takes place in constant consultation with you – with no unpleasant or incalculable risks.

Modular structure

Decide for yourself whether you only wish to use the personal HYMES distribution concept or a comprehensive concept for your sales activities.

Absolute transparency

Sales, POS placement, and the visit frequency of the sales staff are just a few of the metrics that provide customised reporting.

Comprehensive support

From market analysis to the after-sales process, HYMES is fully committed to handling your project and bringing about sustainable growth in Germany.

Personal distribution

Personal customer management by a highly qualified sales force has a significant impact on the success of the individual HYMES concepts.

Active relationship management to increase your sales

Their access to the German retail market is based on our highly qualified and trained employees. These work every day on a successful and above all long-term cooperation with the trade. A genuine enthusiasm for your products and your brand creates a long-term bond of trust with the trading partners. The highly qualified and trained team of sales agents at HYMES works hard every day to achieve your sales goals. Besides a high level of identification with your company, product-specific technical skills and knowledge are conveyed in order to guarantee successful cooperation with the specialist retail trade.

Full cost control with absolute transparency – the HYMES promise

Thanks to individually tailored service packages, HYMES always offers full cost control with no unpleasant and incalculable risks. In consultation with you, HYMES can offer you the full transparency of all measures. Reporting that is optimised to suit your requirements can be made available to you at individually arranged intervals. Before each measure starts, meaningful and individually adjusted KPIs are defined – key figures for sales, POS placement in terms of quantity and design and the visit and contact frequency of our sales staff are just some of the factors that can help to assess the success of the measures carried out.

Partners / References

We have already successfully supported the following partners in the field of sales support and ongoing agreements:


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