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Anyone starting a business in Germany and wishing to sell their products in the German retail sector or merely wishes to optimise their presence in the specialist retail sector is faced with numerous challenges. How do I get in touch with powerful contacts on the German retail market? What steps have to be taken into account when starting a business in Germany? How do I set up an efficient sales network and a consistent infrastructure?

HYMES will handle the entire process for you to establish and make your products successful on the German market. In the process, the company develops overall concepts and innovative solutions that are individually tailored to your business. Whether it's a matter of online or offline sales, thanks to the direct access to the German retail network, your products can be distributed in a targeted way by a single source. HYMES can drive your brand to the forefront of the German retail market.

HYMES' services at a glance:

The HYMES range of services covers three major fields of activity. In addition to product and project management, sales support through product and marketing expertise as well as full distribution are the essential components of the activities.


Area Distribution

EP: Electronic Partner · Euronics · Expert · MediaMarkt · Weltfunk · Brömmelhaupt Großhandels GmbH · Amazon · Conrad


Area Sales-Support

Conax · AirTies · SMK · Circontrol · Vestel

Area Product and project management

SES · M7 Deutschland · Media Broadcast · · Unitymedia · PYÜR · Netcologne · Ouickline AG · Liwest Kabelmedien · Eltrona SA · Softnet · Vector · Tantec · uvw.

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    Our Work

    Our strength lies in tackling tasks and challenges with a complete solution concept. There is certainly more to this than just keeping structured logistics and sales capacities at the ready. Market analyses, the identification of customer needs, networking with opinion-leaders, associations, and the trade press are also part of a holistic, customer-oriented solution. We have experience in these things and are constantly exploiting it to advance your business.

    Customer needs

    An old saying says that the worm has to taste good to the fish and not the angler. There's an enormous amount of truth in this and it's one of the most important guiding principles when it comes to successful sales. HYMES understands and knows the needs of the retail trade and, ultimately, the consumers. As a result, all our activities and measures are oriented towards this idea and ultimately scrutinised. This leads to an in-depth understanding of the interests of the retail trade and its customers. All services are subject to the question of what benefit they are to the customer and what they can contribute towards binding the customer to the supplier in the long term. This creates mutual trust and a fruitful mutual exchange.

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