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Welcome to HYMES Networks GmbH

HYMES makes your company faster, better, more efficient and more successful.

Our work

Our strength lies in tackling tasks and challenges with a complete solution concept. There is certainly more to this than just keeping structured logistics and sales capacities at the ready. Market analyses, the identification of customer needs, networking with opinion-leaders, associations, and the trade press are also part of a holistic, customer-oriented solution. We have experience in these things and are constantly exploiting it to advance your business.


The range of services offered by HYMES includes two large fields of action. Besides product and project management, full distribution through product and marketing competence is an essential part of our activities.

Sales support

Market analyses

Complete cost control

Absolute transparency

Customer needs

An old saying says that the worm has to taste good to the fish and not the angler. There's an enormous amount of truth in this and it's one of the most important guiding principles when it comes to successful sales. HYMES understands and knows the needs of the retail trade and, ultimately, the consumers. As a result, all our activities and measures are oriented towards this idea and ultimately scrutinised. This leads to an in-depth understanding of the interests of the retail trade and its customers. All services are subject to the question of what benefit they are to the customer and what they can contribute towards binding the customer to the supplier in the long term. This creates mutual trust and a fruitful mutual exchange.

Expertise and experience

Markus Häp and Udo Knauf along with the entire HYMES team have an above-average level of experience in the CE sector. Both are regarded as complete industry experts and enjoy great deal of trust among decision-makers from the retail trade and providers thanks to their huge reputation. This is the perfect basis for selling your products quickly, purposefully and efficiently to the right customer. The relationship structures that have grown over the decades are a key factor in maintaining unreserved open-mindedness, making it possible to quickly push forward new ideas, products or comprehensive alternative marketing approaches in the respective markets.

Innovation and transparency

Innovation is the driving force behind any growth. What this means to a great extent, of course, is product innovation and product development. This certainly also embraces associated innovative and sales-promoting measures at the POS, for the retail trade and its employees, as well as everyone who makes a contribution to the consumer in the value chain. The communication and transparency of all activities lead to a high level of acceptance and so to a substantial amount of support at all levels. HYMES represents and lives out the belief that one has to explain matters to people and involve them in the decision-making process in order to achieve long-term, stable success.

Our story

The two managing directors of HYMES Networks GmbH have one thing in common: many years working for one of the market-leading manufacturers of receiver and reception technology in Germany. In 2012, they went their separate ways. Markus Häp founded HYMES Networks GmbH, with a focus on consultancy and sales services. Its customers include numerous well-known customers in the consumer electronics and broadband industry. The company has been able to demonstrate long-term success in sales support and product management.

Udo Knauf joined HYMES Networks as Managing Director and Partner in November 2016. As a key account manager and sales manager in various well-known companies, he has earned a reputation for being a reliable, fair and competent partner over the past 25 years, one who has always stood up for the needs of customers and has introduced innovative sales concepts. Markus Häp and Udo Knauf are both long-time experts in the industry and are well-connected with all relevant decision-makers from the retail trade, interest groups, providers and broadcasters.

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